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“Last year I participated in the first Youtube Symphony Orchestra. I hope to audition for the youtube Symphony 2011.”

Meet the Youtube Symphony: David France lives in Bermuda and has taught violin at the Bermuda School of Music since 2004. In 2007 the New York Post featured his single Peddling Medicine from the hip hop Album by the same name in their MPFREES section.

He pursued a graduate degree in violin performance at the University of Minnesota with Sally OReilly and Orchestral Studies with Aaron Janse of the Minnesota Orchestra.

He has appeared in concert with Josh Grobin and Smokey Robinson. His orchestral credits include The Bermuda Philharmonic, Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, The La Crosse Symphony, The Hartford Symphony, and The Wichita Symphony.

As a street performer he is at the forefront of improvised compositions for the hang drum and violin. Mr. France can also be heard as featured soloist on the album Conspiracy Among Friends.

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