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I was honoured to have been able to capture the images for Heather Nova’s latest album, The Way it Feels. I was lucky enough to have also shot the art for the last two albums as well, but I have to say, I never take it for granted that I will photograph her again as Heather is constantly reinventing herself and a fresh perspective is always important. This time, I knew she was going with a very cool designer, Tarik Mikou, for the album cover and booklet art, and when he sent her his ideas for the type of photography he was looking for, we didn’t know if my shooting style would fit the bill. He was looking for edgey, and I tend to lean more towards dreamy if I had to pigeon hole myself. So I asked Heather if we could do an experimental shoot first, to see if we could even get close to making Tarik’s vision a reality. When we sent him the unedited shots from that shoot, he was thrilled so we did another session, this time with hair and make up. I love trying new things and Heather is so easy to work with that it was just a blast playing with shadows and light to get some cool shots. Heather is the perfect muse. And I am so honoured to have been given the chance once again to capture her in a way that can hopefully complement her music. read more 

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