JOY T. BARNUM – Mind Games @joytbarnum #LennonTribute

Lennon Bermuda is a tribute album and book inspired by John Lennon’s visit to Bermuda in 1980, where he wrote a portion of his Double Fantasy album. The Lennon Bermuda boxed set comprises two discs by various artists with a connection to Bermuda, including Yoko Ono, covering Lennon songs. I … Continue reading JOY T. BARNUM – Mind Games @joytbarnum #LennonTribute

@MaxiPriest @Chewsticks #Bermuda

Maxi Priest, one of the first and most successful international reggae fusion artists of all-time, rehearses @ Bermuda’s Legendary CHEWSTICK Neo-Griot Lounge for the Bermuda John Lennon Double Fantasy Tribute concert which will be held on Friday, September 21st @ The Bermuda Botanical Gardens. The auditions for the Lennon tribute CD were … Continue reading @MaxiPriest @Chewsticks #Bermuda