Seabased is a global leader in the growing wave energy market, with patented that technology delivers renewable energy from ocean waves straight to the grid . The Hon. Walter Roban JP MP, Minister of Home Affairs press conference … Continue reading ENERGY FROM WAVES – @Bermuda

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project #TheOutlawOcean @ian_urbina

The Outlaw Ocean is a riveting, adrenaline-fueled journey through some of the most dangerous regions of the earth: the high seas, where lawlessness and physical risk prevail. Ian Urbina — Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times — gives … Continue reading The Outlaw Ocean Music Project #TheOutlawOcean @ian_urbina

OCEAN TECH – Mission 1 #Bermuda @OceanTechGlobal

Ocean Tech – a collaborative marine research project, global education programme and media campaign. Bringing together the world’s top marine scientists with unique military grade autonomous underwater vehicles to undertake the most advanced analysis of marine ecosystems. The data aims … Continue reading OCEAN TECH – Mission 1 #Bermuda @OceanTechGlobal

66 hours #Bermuda #NewYork in the World’s 1st Off-Shore Catamaran @RedBull

In early November, four thrill-seeking sailors navigated 660 miles from New York to Bermuda in just 66 hours. They were not traveling in luxury aboard a heavy-duty boat, with creature comforts and the ample horsepower required for most open-ocean voyages. … Continue reading 66 hours #Bermuda #NewYork in the World’s 1st Off-Shore Catamaran @RedBull