#Bermuda Windsurfing w/ Florian Jung @ Horseshoe Bay Beach

Back in 2015 a friend put me in touch with a catamaran visiting the island with professional windsurfer Florian Jung. They were on a mission called the Aquapower Expedition to research plastic waste in the oceans and visit new places. While in Bermuda Florian and his professional photographer Pierre Bouras asked me if I could take them to some local spots for windsurfing and good photos.

Finding a good spot on that day wasn’t so easy but in the end we settled on Horseshoe beach as Pierre wanted shots with jagged volcanic shoreline in the foreground. It proved to be a tricky spot to sail with the many reefs, sloppy backwash and swirly wind off the cliff faces! I was sent out with a Garmin head camera to try and get on the water footage, which wasn’t the easiest when trying to keep up in such sloppy conditions!

In the end Pierre got his shots and it was nice for me to learn a bit about their expedition and life as a professional windsurfer.

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Nipping Shrew de Reefs #YTplaylist

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