Tapestry of Tales – #Bermuda #Portraits @AmandaBTemple

A book of portraits of people at home, beautifully woven together by their stories. For the last year I have been photographing people in their homes. Their kindness and candor has overwhelmed me and I am now in the last stages of designing a book to share their stories. My incredibly talented sister Sacha Blackburne helped me create this film. I hope you enjoy it… and are dying to buy the book! A look at how the book came together THE TAPESTRY Amanda has decided to self-publish in order to retain complete creative control. She has agonized over every image and every word … Continue reading Tapestry of Tales – #Bermuda #Portraits @AmandaBTemple

600ft Rope Swing Bungee Jump #MagwaFalls #SouthAfrica @BurntHouseprod @2feelalive @WatchEpicTV

Mike Wilson and Bermudian Andrew Kirkpatrick have traveled to South Africa to build the most insane rope swing bungee jump. Ever. What’s a rope swing bungee jump, you ask? Well, exactly what it sounds like, only bigger.  This one (the … Continue reading 600ft Rope Swing Bungee Jump #MagwaFalls #SouthAfrica @BurntHouseprod @2feelalive @WatchEpicTV