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Love Hurtz isn’t just a song for Clazzic; it’s a raw reflection of his life, a journey through the highs and lows that shaped him. From the tender age of 9, Clazzic experienced the heart-wrenching loss of his father. But that wasn’t the end of his battles – he faced his own challenges in youth, struggles he’s still navigating and plans to share in a future project. Despite pouring his heart into his music, there’s a part of Clazzic he’s kept hidden from the world, a story waiting to be told.

OE Tapes is more than just melodies; it’s Clazzic‘s personal narrative woven into every note. From hustling at a 9-to-5 since he was just 14 to fund his studio dreams, to overcoming countless obstacles to stand where he is today, each song is a testament to his resilience. Through his music, Clazzic strives to do more than entertain – he aims to uplift and celebrate black culture and excellence, sharing his journey in hopes of inspiring others to embrace their own stories.

Oe Tapes Vol.1″ Out Now

Prod: DillyGotItBumpin Mixed & Master: Jeson Huang

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