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Sure, you can (and should) get a mean Dark n’ Stormy—but don’t miss out on world-class wines and locally brewed suds.

Bermuda’s love affair with drinking has long been connected to its most heavily imbibed spirit—a molasses-colored rum known as Gosling’s Black Seal, which was first blended in the 1850s by the sons of an English wine merchant named William Gosling. Today, it’s the key ingredient in Bermuda’s two national cocktails—the Dark n’ Stormy and the Rum Swizzle—both of which are proudly served in every bar and restaurant on the island. And while Bermuda has a handful of upscale wine bars and craft cocktail lounges where a potent rum drink should be an afterthought, don’t make a trip to this pink sand paradise without downing a bit of the Black.

Here, a collection of our favorite bars in Bermuda …

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