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Mishka’s seventh full length studio album: “This Love”

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Welcome to my Kickstarter campaign. I’m so glad you’re here to join me in the making of my 7th full length studio album, This Love. 

The writing and recording of This Love has led me to a deeper engagement with myself and with my singer/songwriter roots: Through this process has come a full, fresh immersion in the authentic feel of the music – both for me playing the songs, and for you, my listeners and friends. 

You’ll hear lyric driven melodies backed by raw acoustic guitar and sparse but focused studio instrumentation and sound.

This album is an intimate meditation on life, destiny, loss, forgiveness, renewal. Above all, it’s a celebration of love. 

The release of This Love will also mark the 20 year anniversary of my 1999 debut album. And the sound of this new album is reminiscent of that first album in the acoustic nature of the songs. So, it truly is a reflection on all the years gone by: of living, of loving becoming a father and a husband traveling the world meeting the most amazing people everywhere that the music has taken me, making friends and playing with great musicians

There have been a few sad goodbyes along the way but essentially it has been a journey of adventure and gratitude.

At the heart of it, I’m still A Guy With a Guitar and I am still here singing these songs for you. I am so grateful to be able to share this inspiration with you. 

I am pleased to invite you all to be an integral part of the making of This Love.

Scroll down below to find lots of different ways in which you can dynamically contribute and support the release of This Love into the world.

Thank you for all the support and love over the years. I give you This Love in heartfelt return. 

Risks and challenges

Over the past few years we have learned much about the challenges associated with crowdfunding campaigns and how unexpected bumps in the road can lead to poor supporter experiences.

With This Love, the risk reduction strategy started with the demo process. This time I have really slowed the music marination down, not rushed, not settled for ‘good enough’. Musically, I gave myself the time to thoroughly test a few different approaches to the writing process. Songs you believe in is half the battle in this game.

With the benefit of a solid local team and Garage Band, our demo and pre-production costs have also been close to zero, which helps a lot. We are recording at home here on Maui and mixing and mastering in Australia with the best in the business so I’m 100% confident the product will be quality. We have been far more proactive with our rewards fulfilment strategy and have resisted offering items that we will later come to regret.

We have also taken time to build the right partner network. My biggest partners in promotion, live performance, streaming are signed onto be part of the project team and will ensure we get our message in front of more than just my followers.

Of course, the main risk is that we just don’t make it.

But we’ve done it before and we’re doing it again.

One Love. This Love.


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