ill-Logical Linguistics – Beat The System (Animated FX Video)

Beat The System by ill-Logical Linguistics

Produced by I Vibes Productions | Engineered and Mixed by I Vibes Productions

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“First single off of our soon to be released “Radio Death” Mixtape. We wrote this record 10 years ago while attending Full Sail in Florida and never thought we would ever release it. I guess 10 years later listening to the content we came to realize that the issues we spoke upon haven’t changed much…In fact, they have gotten worse!! Hope you fowls like the record yo! Big big shout out and thanks to Playlist Management for all their hard work and help throughout our journey!! Radio Death Coming Soon!!”


Beat The System by ill-Logical Linguistics / Lyrics

A yo this maze of life, It’s a crazy type, They say you’re wrong when you may be right, Just to exist have to pay their price, But they can’t fade the lights, When the day is bright, Lets let em know we’ll brave the fight


It’s like a human sacrifice, If I’m to, last the night, No I ain’t going nowhere but home, But kicking up and getting mad at life, Would be bad advice, Know you ain’t going through it alone, If we could only beat the system maybe we can save our victims, From starvation and days in prison, Power trips and addictions evictions and politicians are what ruin the world that we live in

1st verse

The thoughts of coexistence show resistance, People try to speak upon their rights but no ones listening, Tell police go easy on the public go insist it, Show the statistics, Ain’t nobody ever died from marijuana in spliffs, Their only interest is interest, Market cigarettes to underage kids to get the kids addicted, I think it’s twisted, This is some sick shit, Throw em all in gutters and then show em how the rich live, I make a wish list hoping that the world will change, keep your own opinion voice your thoughts til you get verbal strain, Herbal exchange is the medium for crooked cash cops keep it illegal so they bank when they took your stash, They look and laugh when they book your ass, How to tell if someone’s high well they took a class, Some of em even had to smoke it how crookeds that, To think a plant could put you away good and trapped


2nd verse

I’ve got a million and one, Questions for these so called leaders, who never guide us and no more lead us, They only bribe u, Freedom must bestow no meaning, All these wars they don’t show no reason we’ve got our own cold bleeding, They don’t care they got a front row seating, To chess games played with others lives, Other try to survive juggling dimes, It’s just puzzles my mind, Troubled times yet the government is guzzling wine, Why, Is someone old enough to kill a man, But still not old enough to hold an alcoholic drink in their hand, I’m, Kinking your plan if you thinking you can, Brain wash me with such insane thoughts ya mad, While I’m, Crossing the pad here’s my observation, You don’t care about the hospital patients, If they aint got your profit and payment, Then you ain’t got the doctor to save them, It’s gotta stop its not a proper engagement


3rd Verse

Sometimes I find myself drifting in space, This bitch realities a kick in the face,It’s a disgrace lets take racism and give it the breaks, Swimming in purity of limitless lakes, Any minute past the present is a minute to late, You give and you take, More concerned with petty crimes than the real criminals who women they rape, It’s a sin when they wake, Instead you concentrate your forces on a source of your rage, Mad cuz you can’t put a stamp on what’s naturally made, huh, I’m gonna have to be brave, Facing the world through the last of my days, After I pray, Open my eyes see disaster and strain, Wondering why if I’m asking in vain, Some were drafted just to crash in a plane, This is a matter that has to be raised, And get national gain,  If we can make a little splash in the rain, Then maybe we can make em understand the half of our pain, Let today just be the last of their game

Chorus ✖2


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