Finalists #Bermuda Beachfest Song Competition 2014 @PRSforMusic @BeachFestBDA #BeachFestBermuda

  The Top Songs in the 2014 Beachfest Crown Song Competition brought to you by PRS for Music and The Chewstick Foundation in conjunction with Channel82, Vibe103 and Digicel. The artists still need your help to take the Crown and … Continue reading Finalists #Bermuda Beachfest Song Competition 2014 @PRSforMusic @BeachFestBDA #BeachFestBermuda

@RebelutionMusic #GoodVibesTour 2013 w/ @CollieBuddz @Matisyahu @ZionI

Footage from the first leg of The Good Vibes Tour 2013 featuring Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, Zion-I, New Kingston and Amp Live. Tickets and more info at by: Urban Green Productions @rebelutionmusic REMAINING SHOWS:  09/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ … Continue reading @RebelutionMusic #GoodVibesTour 2013 w/ @CollieBuddz @Matisyahu @ZionI

@Chewsticks #Beachfest Emancipation Celebration 2012 @ #HorseshoeBay #Bermuda

Historically, Emancipation celebrations have been centered around the Annual Cup Match Cricket Classic event, beginning on Thursday and ending on Friday. The game has traditionally been flanked by concert events and other activities in the evenings. The first day of … Continue reading @Chewsticks #Beachfest Emancipation Celebration 2012 @ #HorseshoeBay #Bermuda

#Bermuda Day London 2012 (4th Edition)

Bermuda‘s people and culture were centre stage Monday, June 4th, 2012 (The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend) from  2pm – 3am @ the Lockside Lounge, Camden Town, London, England during Spredluv‘s 4th Annual Bermuda Day Cultural Celebrations. Spredluv’s “Bermuda Day In London” aims to celebrate and promote Bermudian … Continue reading #Bermuda Day London 2012 (4th Edition)