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Bermuda Premier David Burt invited four Bermudian social media personalities, each with a unique following and distinct voice, for 1:1 interviews to answer questions and take a deep dive into the issues close to them and their audiences. These collaborations are released as a 4-part series ‘Candid Convos With the Premier’ and feature: @DionTheCreative, @stfucarly, @qiandickinson and @Yassine the Artist, covering a range of topics that are currently generating a lot of interest and discussion.

Candid Convos with the Premier: Yassine Chentouf

Jun 21, 2023 the final episode of ‘Candid Convos With the Premier’ on CITV Bermuda’s YouTube channel featuring an exclusive interview with Yassine Chentouf During this episode, they discuss: – “What is the government doing to attract young people to live and work in Bermuda?” – “Is the government planning to expunge previous marijuana convictions?” – “Is there a further legalisation framework for marijuana?” – “What is the government doing to promote road safety?” – “How can the government assist artists with making a living from their work?”

Candid Convos with the Premier: Qian Dickinson

Jun 6, 2023🎬 #LetsGetCandid! Candid Convos With the Premier’ featuring an exclusive interview with Qian Dickinson. They discuss: • Infrastructure investments and their long-term benefits • Recent developments to diversify our economy and lower the cost of living • Government’s sustainable plans for Bermuda’s future • Preparing a workforce for the future through our ambitious education reform efforts

“I am very optimistic about Bermuda’s future! We have the capacity to grow our workforce, tourism and international business & these are investments that will pay off for our economy’s growth.”

Premier the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP

Candid Convos with the Premier: Carly

May 16, 2023 – In this episode of ‘Candid Convos with the Premier’, Carly and the Premier delved into some of the pressing issues facing Bermuda today. They discussed: – Long-term plans for Bermuda’s contributory pension scheme; – Resources the government have and will allocate to mental health services; – Universal healthcare and the potential benefits and challenges; – The contributions towards Bermuda’s debt; – Education reform agenda; – and the factual errors and incorrect references in the auditor general’s report.

Candid Convos with the Premier: Dion The Creative

May 5, 2023 – In this episode topics covered that came straight from Dion’s followers, including the status of ApplePay in Bermuda, growing the working population, supporting St. George’s, digital assets, tourism and promoting local creatives.

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