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C- We’re like David & Goliath – Bermudian! & we’ll never quit tryin’ -Bermudian! Be like Daniel & the Lions – Bermudian! We’ll always be bold Never do what we’re told Cuz we’re coming in hot & we’re bringing back Gold!
Vs #1 – My mamma told me Know your history Been divin’ in deep With Horton Perinchief We’ve been boxin’ up hills Since ‘76 Then we’re rolling all the wheels From Lewis
C + Vs #2 – She’s been winnin’ this race Since the age of 7 These Paget Hills raised Our Olympic Heaven We’ve been watchin’ on the streets And screaming @ the screens We’ve been watching Duffy’s Tri & now she’s reached her dreams
C-2x Gold Gold Gold Gold-2x Go Flora Go Flora Go Flora Go-2x Go on Flora Come on & bring home that Gold!

Shot on location in Bermuda at the Cathedral by Method Media for The Department of Culture, “Gold (Bermudian)” celebrates the 2021 Tokyo Olympic gold medal won by Flora Duffy in the Triathlon making Bermuda the tiniest nation to ever bring home gold. This makes the second medal for the small but mighty nation marking Clarence Hill as the bronze medal winner in the 1976 games for boxing. Katura Horton Perinchief is the first female human of a darker hue to make it to the Olympics for diving with Jessica Lewis as a multi medal and gold medal winner of the Paralympics. All three hail from the British Independent Territory. This song is a celebration of Bermuda and its resilience!

Written and produced by Joy T Barnum Recorded and mixed by Felix Tod Piano and trombone by Jason Garner of Jason Garner Productions Percussion by Joy T Barnum Flora Photography and Footage courtesy of Nils Nilsen Dress and jewelry by Amethyst of SpiritWear Designs Makeup by Taryn of Gibbons Co. M.A.C

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