Alec Bourne – Midi Mad Scientist

The Mini Dream Rig Project – Overview

An ongoing project in midi integrated pedals to form a portable version of the famous Line6 Dream Rig. This video was done some 3 months after the fledgling creation of a facebook group for MIDI and the Helix family of guitar processors. Check out The Line6 Midi Mad Scientist Club … Here we have a general talk about the state of MIDI control today and a quick run through all the pedals that so far are making up this little dream rig project. The idea is to shrink the massive Line6 Dream Rig concept from presenters like Paul Hindmarsh and Sean Halley into something which you could travel with. If you’ve never seen a Variax guitar, go check those out. The idea is one guitar can do many guitars and many tunings. This system that I’m putting together is working to do something similar but for any guitar. Specialized for travel. 1 guitar, becomes many, along with many amps and effects and ways of being output. A system that learns with you and keeps your research organized so your search for Tone moves forward. Hope you enjoy this and the concepts presented. A.B

Alec Bourne – Midi Mad Scientist @ YouTube

Pretty much a staging ground for testing I’m doing as the Line6 Midi Mad Scientist Club, also content dedicated to The Strymon Iridium Owners Club and the WAZA Air Owners Club. All good groups for ideas and assistance with your pedalboard and overall workflow – A.B

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