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Reggae Lovers Rock Angel Eyes Remix
Clinark Brings Back The Love For Angel Eyes Song with an Island Mix

RIVIERA ESTATE, Bermuda – Nov. 29, 2018 – PRLog

Singer and producer, Clinark has remixed his Lovers Rock song “Angel Eyes” for release this Christmas 2018. The original song “Angel Eyes” was released on the “Journey to Foreign” album in 2008. It is a love song in a Lovers Rock Reggae style. It was co-written by Clinark Dill & J. Edwards and produced by producers Mafia & Fluxy and vocals by Kofi and Barbara Napp.

I was looking for a song that was warm for the season and Angel Eyes is a popular favorite among my fans. As it’s a great love song, I thought it would be good to remix the track and vocals and reintroduce it to a new audience – Clinark

Credit’s: “Angel Eyes Remix” (c) (2018) lead & Back Vocals & Producer (C.Dill), Backing Vocalists: Kofi & Barbara Knapp, Composers: C. Dill & J L Edwards, Nurture Projects Music.

“Angel Eyes” (2008) from the  Journey To Foreign Album, Original Credits: Executive Producer: Clinark (C. Dill), Producers: Leroy ‘Mafia’ Heywood’ & Dave ‘Fluxy’ Heywood, Production/Mixing Engineer: Carl ‘Dillie’ McLeod Recorded At Stingray Studios, London, UK, Recording Engineer (Tracks): Gussie P, Recorded At Mafia & Fluxy Studios, London, UK, Keyboards & Bass Guitar: Leroy ‘Mafia’ Heywood, Drums & Percussions: Dave ‘Fluxy’ Heywood. Riddim & Lead Guitar: Stanley Andrew, Backing Vocalists: Kofi & Barbara Napp

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