Humpback Heaven: Whale Watching in #Bermuda @Bermuda

Bermuda has long been known for spectacular humpback whale watching opportunities. In the late winter and early spring, a humpback parade passes through the waters near the island as these magnificent mammals travel to their northern feeding grounds.

You can sometimes spot humpbacks from land, but the best way to get up-close-and-personal is to head for the open seas. You’ll sail miles out, spotting humpbacks from the deck, or in some cases, a glass-bottomed hull. Bermuda’s sparkling turquoise waters are even more crystal clear than usual this time of year, offering superb visibility, with depths of up to 100 feet below the surface.

You don’t necessarily need to see into the depths, though — humpback whales sometimes launch themselves right out of the water in a behavior called breaching. Breaching may be a way to loosen skin parasites – but some scientists think humpbacks are just doing it for fun.

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