Mental Illness Does Not Discriminate – Brown Suga’s Foreign Reality – #Bermuda / UK

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Brown Suga’s Foreign Reality – Life on the go in the UK.

Brown Suga interviews a middle aged British man battling with his own mental health disorder and follows his path of recovery in a supported housing facility for adult males with mental health conditions. The documentary highlights the abnormality of the mind, the challenges, stigma, discrimination and social isolation people and family members face and how a brain disorder can affect people of all ages, genders, and races. Mental Illness Does Not Discriminate!
(For the purpose of anonymity the name and picture of the interviewee has been changed to protect his identity.)


“This is my story and journey of healing and acceptance of growing up with a father with a mental illness. I hope to bring awareness on the manifestation of symptoms both psychologically and behaviorally that affect individuals.”Brown Suga


Brown Suga
Bermuda’s “Other” World – What’s wrong with #Bermuda and it’s mental health laws?
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