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The average Bermudian makes more money than 99% percent of the world’s population

This 5 minute clip by teen filmmaker Marquedelle Philip-Rodriguez challenges these somewhat misleading figures and brings forth a much different and harsher reality from the shadows of the Bermudian archipelagoDark, unstable visuals accompanied by a remake of one of Bermuda’s most iconic tunes – Bermuda Is Another World – transformed through a melancholic solo piano piece reminiscent of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Heartbeart – Returning to the Womb,”  bring home the sensation that the island is NOT a paradise for all. The sirens of ambulances, shocking newspaper headlines with previsions of doom, spiraling violence, the homeless, industrial disputes, astronomical prices …

It is the island of Bermuda of which we speak – A place once so fantastically unique and yet it is transforming right before our eyes as it connects with the world and becomes globalized. We are the future – Marquedelle Philip-Rodriguez 

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Teenager’s Bermuda film is shown at United Nations HQ

This video intends to demonstrate the social and cultural impact of globalization in Bermuda and was shown at the United Nations International School Conference.

Hubert Smith wrote Bermuda Is Another World (the unofficial anthem for the island) in 1969 for the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s North American & United Kingdom marketing  campaign. The tune was also used for The Bermuda Tourism Department’s “So Much More” Campaign launched August 16th, 2012 at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. 

bermuda was another world

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