Memoirs of My Scars – De’jon Simons @flowbewankenobi

De’jon began writing as a therapeutic outlet.

His writing has given insight and inspiration to others erasing the physical appearance of him while letting readers find an image through his words.

Ten years of agony and hardship has lead to De’jon’s first published book (December 14, 2011) consisting of an intimate collection of poetry – Memoirs of My Scars – that follows his path of self-acceptance and self-expression.

The first piece, entitled “I Am Not My Skin”, introduces readers to his world of isolation and pain but the poem ends with the revelation that there is more to De’Jon than his outer appearance.


De’Jon’s book has received reviews from the likes of bestselling author Enitan Bereola II. (Bereolaesque: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book for the Urban Sophisticate)

Love, hate, anger, confusion, contentment, tragedy, despair, hope, purity, honesty, authenticity, vulnerability – this isn’t a mere collection of words…this book purges understanding onto those who have none. – Enitan Bereola II

Dej’on’s ICU nurse from Shriner’s Children’s Hospital for Burn Survivors in Boston, MANurse Maston of Shriner’s writes…

One often wonders if there is any life worth living after such an event. This collection of poetry shows the reader that although there are many struggles after such an accident, there are also many joys to be had in life.

The poetry is so well written that the reader actually feels what the author is feeling. I became so engrossed in what I was reading and although I found myself crying tears of sadness, there were also many tears of joy.

Since the accident, De’Jon has performed spoken word and has presented in Bermuda and the United States as a motivational speaker. Memoirs of My Scars is his first published literary works. His graphic design projects have been admired by many through flyers and artwork posted to Facebook. He has extended his talents to writing and creating riveting book covers for his upcoming book releases and other local books.

Memoirs of My Scars was published by CKC BOOKS, Bermuda’s newest publishing company & can be found in e-book or paper back version @

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