Osbourne’s Day Out: North Rock Tank to North Rock – #Bermuda Shark Relocation

Osbourne the dusky shark has lived in the North Rock tank at the Bermuda Aquarium for 6 years. After having outgrown the tank and regularly sparring with a giant grouper named Vader, it was decided that for his, aquarium staff and the other tank inhabitants’ own safety he should be returned to the sea. But can a shark be returned back to the wild and survive after living for 6 years in captivity? Dusky sharks are considered “vulnerable” in the Atlantic and “near-threatened” around the world because of commercial and recreational fishing. What are Osbourne’s chances of making it in the wild? And does this heighten public fears about sharks in local Bermuda waters?

Where did Osbourne go? Osbourne the dusky shark was released back into the sea from the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo in March 2012. He was fitted with a PSAT tag just before his release. Dr. Neil Burnie explains where he has been.

The Bermuda Shark Project 

Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo

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