Making of @Clinark Tribute to Michael Jackson

“I am totally honoured by the support I have received on this work. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 were a major influence and inspiration to me as I grew up. I, as was the rest of world, so saddened by his untimely death.

In May 2009 with the anticipation of seeing Michael in concert in London at O2 Arena, I was singing along to I’ll Be There, and my manager Juliet Edwards, suggested that I record the song. It was released just 4 days before Michael’s death in June 2009. I watched with the world as the tragedy of Michael’s passing unfolded and joined fans around the world in the condolences. On hearing that ‘Smile’ was one of Michael’s favourite songs, I recorded a version of the song too in Dec 2009. I was still devastated by Michael’s death but set about putting the optimism into the song and celebrating the contribution Michael made to this world.

By August 2010 I had so many requests from fans for more covers and was further moiré encouraged by DJ Musical Genius amongst many others. So in August 2010. I re-assembled my old album crew of great musicians who worked on my debut album ‘Journey to Foreign.’ So we went back to Stingray’s Big House Studio in London , with Dillie , Mafia & Fluxy, Stanley Andrew with the addition of Michael Martin for Heartbreak Hotel and I set about producing this new album ‘ Tribute to Michael Jackson a Legend and a Warrior. I hope you appreciate this tribute from my heart. Thanks to all those who have supported me in the works.

Thank you Michael Jackson for inspiring me with your excellent musical works and your dazzling performances. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson The Greatest Entertainer of All Time.”

By Clinark – “The Reggae Torch”

Footage below is from the creative process of recording and some of the mixing of Clinarks tribute to Michael Jackson a legend and a warrior album recorded at Sting Ray Studios In England with Mafia n Fluxy, Stanley Andrew and Carlton Dillie Mcleod  @ the mixing desk – “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Heal the World” song clips

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