Bermuda College Weeks 1960s

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Part one

Shots: Man in suit and boater hat emerging from the ocean with luggage, odd shot; aerial view of Bermuda coast, reefs, and golf course; Female students at airport; traffic on Bermuda streets; parking lot and streets with mopeds; man and woman riding mopeds through countryside; luxury liner pulling into port; steam ship whistle blowing; youth sunbathing on boat deck; calypso band playing on a ship deck, while college students dance and laugh; Students drinking beer and frolicking on deck; cannon firing; steel drum band playing on beach to happy student crowd; native dancers in strange garb; kids dancing with natives; chef walking through crowd; limbo dancing, including limbo under flaming pole; Jonathan Winters attempts limbo dance, instead decides to light cigarette on flaming pole; kids crossing bridge to rocks on beach; students sunbathing and lounging on beach; student playing guitar on beach; students lining up for picnic; The Talbot Brothers music group performing on a small stage for student crowd; student girls in amateur beauty contest; young couple kissing.,

Part Two

Shots: Male students from Connecticut on tall diving board, singing a college glee tune to crowd below; boys then all dive into the pool, while singing; students in bathing suits dancing the twist on the beach; students cavorting, enjoying themselves on the beach; a real shindig; students running into water, splashing; POV diving overhead; scuba divers kissing; CU of kissing fish; small sailboat capsizing in the water; man in boat comically knocked over by wake of other boats and water skiiers; food served to bathers on wading platform; pan of shops on Bermuda beach boardwalk area; upscale jewelry shops; student trying on sunglasses and monocle; church ceremony on the beach at dawn; calypso band playing to student crows; students from Yale, Princeton, and Harvard performing an informal student revue; college boys doing the twist, while mugging for camera; Harvard Hasty Pudding troupe performance; pan shot of banquet with terrific food; students lined up at buffet, filling plates with food; students dancing in back yard while band plays..


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