Heather Nova 300 Days At Sea @_FaceCulture interview 2011 @Nova_Says

Video interview with Bermudian singer-songwriter Heather Nova. FaceCulture spoke to Heather about her new album 300 Days At Sea, her father’s boat Moon, living at sea, Bermuda, getting the boat’s compass back, the diver who retrieved it, Turn The Compass Round, Save A Little Piece Of Tomorow,
Higher Ground, humanitourism, the album’s theme, being at sea as a metaphor for writing songs, Everything Changes, I’d Rather Be, Until The Race Is Run, combining writing with raising a child, music on the boat, her pirate great-great-grandfather, new songs, revisiting old songs, South, the problem with major labels, The Heather Frith EP, her son’s opinion of the album, and more. (23/05/2011)

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