BIOS – 2009: Island Invasion, 400 Years of Change

Part one. BIOS Education Officer JP Skinner explains how and why Bermuda’s flora and fauna have changed since humans first arrived in 1609 and introduces the BioNauts to the concepts of ‘endemic’, ‘native’, ‘introduced’ and ‘invasive’ species.

Part two. The BioNauts make use of the ‘roving diver technique’ to investigate coral diversity at three underwater sites; a recent ship grounding, a several hundred year old wreck and a pristine coral reef. Then it’s off to Nonsuch Island see what Bermuda looked like 400 years ago!

Part three . The BioNauts compare the species diversity at Nonsuch Island to that of the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve and then, with the help of Alexander ‘Dready’ Hunter, begin the next phase of coastal restoration at the Nature Reserve. After that research scientist Jaret Bilewich leads the BioNauts on an expedition to survey the habitat range of a species of coral found in only one place in Bermuda.

Part four. Chris Flook from the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo and coordinator of the Bermuda Lionfish Project explains the threat posed by the indo-pacific lionfish to Bermuda’s reef system. The BioNauts learn how the lionfish probably reached Bermuda, what’s being done to study it, control it and even eat it!

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