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Mishka’s One Tree featured in World Champion video.

The Stand Up World Tour came to a dramatic close with the Hawaii Island Finals event, where 18-year-old phenom Kai Lenny won the event and the title of World Champion!

The Tour’s final stop took place at Honoli’i on the Big Island, in two to three foot surf. Despite great performances from Antoine Delpero and Leco Salazar, as well as Kai’s archrival of the year, Peyo Lizarazu, Kai kept his cool and went above and beyond – shredding in all four heats of the 40-man main event.

Back in February, Kai had also pocketed the first stop in the tour, at Oahu’s Sunset Beach. Kai took third in Anglet, France in the second stop. He had an off-day in Tahiti, but scored second in the tour’s fourth stop in Brazil. This week, he brought it all home to a well-deserved victory.

The goal of the Tour is the global pursuit of the world’s best in stand-up paddle surfing. That person was crowned, in an emotional close to the 2010 Stand Up World Tour. Congratulations, Kai Lenny!!!

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