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David France lives in Bermuda and has taught violin at the Bermuda School of Music since 2004.

David  grew up in Connecticut where he studied violin in the pre-college division of the Hartt School of Music.   He obtained a BA in Music and a MM in Violin Performance from the University of Minnesota. Before coming to Bermuda he taught at St. Joseph School of Music, The St. Paul Conservatory, and Wichita State University, as assistant to John Harrison.

He is an active soloist and Chamber musician.  He has performed with The Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, The Wichita Symphony, The Hartford Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra, and the National Orchestral Institute Orchestra.  He has performed with Josh Grobin, Dave Lubbin, Voices of Freedom Gospel Choir, and Smokey Robinson. David has recorded with Dave Lubben, Conspiracy among Friends, Golden and Twisted Linguistics.   He is a member of Two to Tango with classical guitarist Louise Southwood and is simultaneously working on a collaborative debut CD in Brooklyn, New York. His major teachers include Sally O’Reilly, Samantha George, and Aaron Janse. Source: http://www.musicschool.bm/bio.php

website: musicschool.bm



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